Effective July 1st 2017 new grooming prices.

Come see us!

Whether you are looking for first class canine styling or a summer ready puppy cut we are the grooming salon for you! We gladly meet your scheduling needs; whether you are the pet on the go that needs a quick turnaround service or a hyper hound that needs a place to run and play for hours prior to their groom services, we are the place for you and your dog. 

Our professional grooming staff is trained to earn your companion’s trust to help eliminate unwanted stress during the grooming process. By having an educated staff in canine behavior and kind practices we are able to care for your pet without unnecessary restraint. We have accommodations for all sizes and breeds, even super sized dogs.

“Humanity over Vanity” is our credo and dog safety is our life.

To make an appointment for Pawprints grooming, call us at 772-567-2121. If possible, we recommend that you schedule grooming in conjunction with a day or half-day of day-care, so that your dog will be tired, relaxed, and comfortable for the grooming session.

Pawprints Grooming Rates

A la carte services:


Small Dog
(under 25 lbs
Medium Dog
(25 lbs to 45 lbs)
Large Dog
(over 45 lbs)

Nails, ears and anal glands

Nails (clipped)
Nails (dremeled)
Ears $5
Anal glands $5

Full groom (includes bath, nails and ears)

Xtra small dog
(under 10 lbs)
starting at $36*

Small dog
(11 lbs to 25 lbs
starting at $42*

Medium dog
(25 lbs to 45 lbs)
starting at $53*

Large dog
(45 lbs to 90 lbs)
starting at $64*

Dogs over 100 lbs starting at $135*

Additional fees may apply for specialty cuts.

Diesel dirty...........................................Diesel clean!

*Prices may be higher if dog is excessively matted, or if there are other special needs or issues.

Please call or stop by to discuss!